BOOM!!: Arizona Just Delivered DEVASTATING News To Welfare Leeches…

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Those individuals who would leech off of the welfare system in Arizona are about to have to find a job, thanks to a new law that took effect on Friday.

According to The Arizona Republic, the state has implemented perhaps the most stringent welfare regulation in the nation, limiting recipients of a certain cash assistance program to no more than one year of eligibility.

Facing severe budget constraints in 2015, the Arizona legislature passed a law lowering the two-year eligibility limit on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program to no more than one year. The state had been steadily lowering the program’s time limit from the federal five-year eligibility during the time since the 2008 recession.

Of course, now that the state’s economy has seen a modicum of improvement and the budget showed a modest surplus, Democrats immediately called for the new law to be reversed and the previous two-year eligibility limit maintained.

It has been estimated that some 2,500 individuals, more than half them children, will find that they are no longer qualified to receive benefits from the welfare program.

While it certainly will be tough for those who are truly in need of a helping hand to lose their eligibility for this program, they will still be able to draw benefits from other programs, such as food stamps and rent assistance.

Furthermore, if the bleeding-hearts really want to help those individuals who truly need help, perhaps they should focus on helping them find jobs to better provide for themselves, instead of simply doling out another handful of government dependence.

Hopefully the implementation of this law will lead to a resurgence of community groups and charitable organizations stepping up to provide assistance for those who really need it, while the leeches who would milk the system are forced to either find a job or search elsewhere for a handout.

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