BOOM!!! – Trump Exposes the TRUTH About ISIS and Obama On NATIONAL TV!!


Donald Trump did not hold back or pull back on any of his staunch positions on ISIS during the NBC town hall forum on Wednesday evening. President Barack Obama’s abysmal failure in the war on terror, both at home and overseas, gave the Republican ample opportunity to show how much room for improvement truly exists.

“I’ve always said, shouldn’t be there, but if we’re gonna get out, take the oil. If we would’ve taken the oil, you wouldn’t have ISIS because ISIS formed with the power and wealth of the oil,” Donald Trump said during the Commander-in-Chief Forum.

According to Trump, ISIS would never have had the opportunity to form, let alone thrive, if the United States had been given the greenlight to capture Iraq’s massive oil reserves.

Without having the oil fields at its disposal, ISIS would not have been able to “fuel themselves,” Trump added.

The Islamic State is reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars and uses its wealth to attract new recruits and keep its militants well fed and very well armed.

He said one of the benefits, had the U.S. taken the oil, was that ISIS would not have been able to use it to “fuel themselves.”

“It used to be to the victor belong the spoils. Now, there was no victor there, believe me, there was no victor,” Trump added.

He also said America is the only nation in the world that spends $3 trillion and then loses tens of thousands of lives.

“What happens is, we get nothing,” Donald Trump also pointed out during the forum with veterans.

CNN, which is often mockingly referred to as the “Clinton News Network,” wasted no time lambasting Donald Trump’s oil field seizure comments.

Anderson Cooper laughed about Trump ordering tractor-trailers with oil tanks on the back pulling up to the Iraq oil fields and sucking out all the potential fuel from the group and then carting it back home to America. But I hardly think that is what he had in mind.

Cooper’s liberal guests also called Trump’s “to the victor’s go the spoils” comment an “antiquated” notion and continued on at length about Donald Trump’s lack of understanding of world affairs.

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