BRAVO!: Baltimore Cops Deliver BRUTAL News To Marilyn Mosby Over Freddie Gray Case

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In April 2015, six Baltimore officers were accused of being responsible for the death of Freddie Gray, an arrestee who sustained injuries while being transported in a police van. Gray’s death while in police custody sparked nationwide outrage among groups such as Black Lives Matter, and infamous, violent riots broke out all over Baltimore.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby spoke about the incident on May 1, 2015, during which time she made harsh statements about the city’s police officers that seemed to be only an attempt to subdue the rioters who were tearing the city apart.

Now, two Baltimore cops who were charged in the incident have made a huge move against the race-baiting prosecutor, as they have filed suit against her for defamation, according to The Daily Caller.

Sgt. Alicia White and Officer William Porter filed suit against Mosby on May 2, according to court documents obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

The suit alleged that Mosby publicly made false claims about the officers at the May 1 press conference and that the harsh charges and Mosby’s tough rhetoric after Gray’s death were solely to keep the peace at the cops’ expense after riots ravaged the city.

“These among other statements were made not for the purpose of prosecuting crimes that had allegedly been committed by White and Porter, but rather for purposes of quelling the riots in Baltimore,” the lawsuit read.

The lawsuit alleged two counts of defamation and two counts of invasion of privacy, with a $75,000 price tag for each count.

“They exposed plaintiffs to public scorn, hatred and contempt, thereby discouraging others in the community from having a favorable opinion or associating with plaintiffs,” the lawsuit explained.

Maj. Sam Cogen of the Baltimore Sheriff’s Office was also named in the suit, which claimed that he knew the charges were false.

The state’s attorney office has not commented because of a gag order surrounding the case.

Porter, 26, was the first of six officers to be tried, but his case was declared a mistrial and has been scheduled for re-trial in September. He was accused of not properly buckling Gray into the van, which may have allowed the arrestee to slide around in the back and sustain the injury.

The lawsuit can at a high point in the whole ordeal as Officer Edward Nero, 30, was found not guilty of all charges on Monday by Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams. Nero had been charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct in office — all misdemeanors that could have resulted in up to 15 years in prison.

Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. will be tried next, beginning on June 6.

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