Ever since he took office, Barack Hussein Obama has been denying accusations that he is a Muslim posing as a Christian.

That’s why the White House went into panic mode when a new documentary that proves Obama is Muslim went viral.

The documentary’s description on Youtube reads:

This ground breaking documentary film finally proves that Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim.

This video examines all of the ties Obama has to the Muslim world, and it also examines everything he has ever said about Islam and Muslims in general.

You will be shocked at the amount of evidence that is piled up against him, including what he says about Islam, and the actions he takes towards Islam. Every American including Republican and Democrat, should finally see Obama for the man he really is, a Muslim hiding in plain sight.

Critics will argue that Obama’s secret religion doesn’t matter. But how can the American people elect a Muslim for President right after the tragic events of 9/11? Electing a Muslim to the White House right after 9/11, is the equivalent to electing a Nazi for President right after the holocaust.

Every American should realize that electing a Muslim for President is a direct insult to the victims of 9/11, and is tantamount to spitting on their still smoldering graves.

0 thoughts on “BREAKING: Bombshell NEW VIDEO PROVES Obama is A MUSL*M – White House Is In PANIC MODE

  1. He is the true leader of ISIS he has been a plant into the presidency and has planned this all along it was the only way to attack us without realizing it was happening until it was too late.

  2. You are 8 yrs. to late. This was all known before election and you did nothing. Shame on you now the media for making this public. Shame also you are doing it again in your ignoring Hillarys guilt,lying, etc.,while you put Trump through the ri her. SHAME on you the media.

  3. I can not understand why people do not do their homework before voting. A lot of us knew who he really was back in 2007

  4. ::Melvin:: I have tried to tell my Congressman Brooks, Senator Sessions, and Selby that there is a record of birth with British Archives, and I have a copy of a birth certificate from Kenya. My Rep’s said they had checked it out and could find nothing. I ask them if they would like a copy of the certificate and I received no answer.

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