BREAKING: Clinton Rape Scene Witness Breaks Silence to Reveal Gruesome Details


The nurse who found Juanita Broaddrick in her hotel room immediately after former President Bill Clinton allegedly raped her has broken her silence and come forward with her side of the story, and it was about as bad as it gets.

Norma Rogers worked for Broaddrick 38 years ago as a nurse when Broaddrick was a nursing home administrator. Broaddrick was also volunteering for then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton’s 1978 gubernatorial campaign.

The former nurse said she traveled to Little Rock for a convention with Broaddrick, and the the two shared a room at the city’s Camelot Hotel.

“She was crying,” said Rogers, who made an exclusive appearance on Bretibart’s “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.”

“The thing I think I remember most is that her mouth was all swollen up. It was cut … Her pantyhose were all ripped,” Rogers said.

Rogers drove Broaddrick back home after the incident.

“I think we stopped at least twice to get ice. I would go up and get fresh ice and put it on her mouth because she was trying to keep her face from bruising and looking like something bad had happened to her, you know,” she said. “It was just crazy. The whole situation was just crazy.”

Rogers said that looking back on the incident, she realized Broaddrick was in a state of shock.

“And as so many rape victims do, I think she blamed herself,” she explained. “She felt bad for what had happened because she felt like, you know, ‘Why was I not smart enough to figure this out and keep something like this from happening?’”

Rogers said Broaddrick asked her to keep what she knew confidential. She also said she had no doubt whatsoever that Broaddrick’s story was true. She added that there was no way Broaddrick could have acted the way she did unless she had survived a truly horrible experience.

Asked what she thought of Clinton, Rogers stated: “I have no respect for him at all.”

It’s hard to see how anyone could have respect for him after reading about her experience.


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