BREAKING: Disturbing New Obama Footage Proves Trump Was RIGHT All Along


This week, reports were released revealing that President Barack Obama paid a $400 million random to Iran in exchange for the release of hostages in mid-January. The White House has repeatedly denied that this was a ransom payment, but new video evidence reveals the truth.

According to reports, Iranian state-run media in Tehran filmed the arrival of the flight carrying the cash from the United States, and even got footage of the money itself. The filming was part of a documentary set to air the next month.

This revelation comes just shortly after Donald Trump was criticized for saying he’d seen “secret” footage of the money. Liberals accused him of lying and trying to stir the pot. Clearly, it appears he may have been telling the truth after all.

The video aired in mid-February as part of the documentary ‘Rules of the Game.’ A narrator can be heard describing a money-for-hostages transaction over video clips of a plane on an airport tarmac in the middle of the night. It also catches a glimpse of a giant shipping pallet stacked with what appear to be banknotes.

“The Islamic republic made an expensive offer to the equation: the release of seven Iranian prisoners in the United States, $1.7 billion, and the lifting of sanctions against 16 Iranians who were prosecuted by the U.S. legal system with the unjust excuse of sanctions violations,” the narrator claims. “But this was not all the Iranians’ demands. Lifting sanctions against Sepah Bank was added to Iran’s list. All of this, in return for the release of only four American citizens: a win-lose deal that benefits the Islamic Republic of Iran and hurts the United States.”


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