BREAKING: FBI To Investigate DNC After Emails Released

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The Democrats just got handed some bad news by the FBI, and you can bet it has them crawling all over Washington like a room full of roaches in after the lights come on.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Monday morning it would launch an investigation into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s emails and work to determine the “nature and scope of the matter.”

“A compromise of this nature is something we take very seriously, and the FBI will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace,” the bureau said, according to Politico.

After Wikileaks published approximately 20,000 emails that showed how the DNC was favorable to Hillary Clinton over rival Bernie Sanders, and Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation Sunday, things are looking pretty shaky for Democrats.

Some emails show how the DNC worked to do everything necessary to undercut Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

In addition, other hacked emails revealed Democrat National Committee’s plan to disrupt the Republican National Convention.

Bad for any campaign to be accused of, let alone, actually do.

Democrats were quick to blame the Russian government for the hack, and campaign manager Robby Mook even said that the Kremlin is trying to help GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump win the November election.

Trump rejected the notion that Putin was involved in the hack, stating what the emails should have never been written in the first place.

No kidding.

These hacked emails represent just how seriously Democrats take the problems facing our country — they don’t.

This is an investigation that certainly needs to take place, and someone needs to be held accountable for the outrageous — not to mention juvenile — actions of this party.

As it stands now, the liberals have a bigger problem than the one they face in Trump — and it’s their own leader, tarnished with one scandal after another.

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0 thoughts on “BREAKING: FBI To Investigate DNC After Emails Released

  1. Fat lot of good that will do — we’ve already seen that the head of the FBI is a stooge for the Clintons.

  2. It says they’re investigating the hacking, not the emails. Journalism is dead.

  3. obuma wants Hillard to win the election so he can pass the worst president award to her witch I’m sure she will well deserve. The rest of the world will stand by and laugh while the U.S. goes down the toilet. The entire nation stands by and watch’s the torch get passed from one idiot to another.

  4. I have lost all faith in the FBI, I know there are probably some good ones. But, after y’all let Hillary slide on the Largest National Security Breach in American History. I have lost all confidence that even the good ones will be able to do their jobs.

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