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Infowars reporters, Joe Biggs and Josh Owens, followed the trail and got to a Muslim community in America. The scary thing is that it could be a dangerous terrorist nest. The New York Police got involved too, and investigated the reporters. The Islam is the scary stuff, you know.

Could be that Islamberg poses threat to all Americans? What on Earth is going on there? This sure gives us chills…

Via USA Newsflash

Recently, Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Josh Owens were interrogated by New York Police after they started investigating Islamberg, a Muslim community in America that is rumored to be a terrorism compound.

The town is harbored in Tompkins, Delaware County. Biggs and Owens arrived there unexpectedly after they heard rumors of the growing attraction for jihadists.

They wanted to investigated reports of “unusual sounds of gunfire and explosions…emanating from the compound.”

The two reporters were quickly stopped and interrogated. They were told by the security at the gate that they need proper credentials to enter the place.

Why didn’t they let the reporters in? Is there something that American society shouldn’t see? We got our eyes on you, people.


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  1. I know people who live in the area and have told of hearing automatic weapons fire coming from the compound. Video smuggled out of the compound shows troops training with ak rifles and rpg launchers

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