A BROTHER’S LOVE: Boy Runs Back Into FLAME ENGULFED Home To Save His 3-Yr Old Sister’s Life

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We are all recovering from a typical halloween night. If you are like me that included lots of working and very little fun. But if you missed getting a little scared this is the perfect thing to read. I think this has to be every parent’s worse night mare. 

When her home caught fire mother, Julia Hitchens, ran out of the home with her four children. As she stood outside the home watching flames engulf her home she quickly turned to count her children wanting to ensure they had all made it out safely. But instead of counting four children she only counted three. Nothing could be more terrifying than realizing one child was still left inside the burning home.

Before she could do anything her oldest son ran back into the home. He found his youngest sister, only three years old, still in bed. He expressed great fear, but was willing to do whatever it took to save his little sister. ”It was very scary for me, I thought I could die in that building because of the smoke and how hot it was getting,’ the young man would tell the Herald. ‘When I came out, I was coughing a lot and my hands were covered in blackness.”

The family is temporarily displaced, but they say that the community has stepped in and done so much to help. They also have expressed that the temporary loss is nothing, knowing that their children are all safe.

Julia added, ‘the Epping community has poured out a lot of love,’ Julia Hutchins said to the Herald. Their church has given the family food, toys and clothes. The Red Cross has also been lending money and services.”

She then added,  ”Everyone escaped unharmed. Everything else is replaceable, but people aren’t.”

Nothing could be more true.


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