BRUTAL! 41,000 Trump Voters Just Sent Obama A Letter…And He Isn’t Too Happy About It -PATRIOT RISING!!

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Obama should have taken better care of this country, but it seems like he’s more interested in Hillary’s campaign. If only he could do the same thing about us, Americans. Why is Hillary getting all of this support and stuff? Is he really thinking that she has a real chance to win these elections? We don’t.

These elections resemble a real war. People are furious, and Obama doesn’t even care. Well, he sure got the attention of 41,000 people, cause that’s the number of people who asked the Congress to cut down his expenses while he is cheering during Hillary’s rallies.

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“We the People demand that Congress withhold President Obama’s salary, pension, travel expenses, etc. for any time he spends actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton between now and the election in November,” the petition on conservative petition site StandUnited says.

For the entire month of October, Obama is devoting one or two days in October to campaign for Hillary Clinton, according to the Bloomberg News.

“When a lame duck President reaches his last few months in office he often endorses a candidate from his party to secede him,” the petition says“Rarely however, does that same lame duck President spend weeks or even months prior to the November election actively campaigning for his successor.”

Take a look at this, patriot.  Obama’s salary is about $400,000 a year and Air Force One costs $180,000 for every hour of flight. In the month of October, Obama will spend millions of your tax payer money flying around the country and campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

*** Watch this. This bunghole gets paid your tax money to work for Hillary.

As ‘sole authority of Federal revenue,’ Congress could dock a president’s pay. Congress would have to actually do some work, but it could get done.

This nation was founded on no taxation without representation. Obama doesn’t represent us. Let me ask you this: why is Obama using your money to work for a woman that you don’t want to be President?

Obama shouldn’t even dare to spend our money and support the candidate that harmed America for so many times. It’s time for us to raise our voices. We have the right to do so.


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