BYE BYE OBAMACARE!!: Congress Takes The First Steps Toward Cutting Obama’s FAILING Healthcare System -AMERICANS EVERYWHERE ARE CHEERING!

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Donald Trump messed up numerous Democratic plans when he was elected president. He will now be in charge of fixing their wrongful political decisions made by Obama and his administration.

The Americans clearly chose Trump in the elections and this came as devstating for the Democrats. We have been facing a terrorist threat for a long time under Obama and the economy grew weaker.

The worst of all, however, was the unstable health system.

Although obama made numerous promises to make America better, Obamacare did not provide the citizens with anything but catastrophe and mind blowing expenses.

We have been promised a solid healthcare system, but ended up with an unfuctional program that cost the citizens of the U.S. a fortune.

This may have been the worst Obama initiative in his 8 years of ruling, so Trump felt like it is time to repair that.

According to the Daily Signal, the leaders of the House and Senate have built two budget solutions for this problem —one for 2017 and one for 2018. The first one will involve a  “reconciliation” budget tool and will fix the health issues this country is facing.

Afterwards, it is expected that the GOP lawmakers would be able to create the second budget resolution for 2018, also based on reconciliation measurements as well as legal correctness and overhaul of the tax system.

These two methods are expected to make up for the lost time spent on Obamacare. Therefore, the Republicans will eb able to build a strong system that will make the Americans satisfied. All this is expected to occur after Jan. 20’s inauguration.

This transition period is of extreme importance for our country and should bring the stabilityin our health department. Obamacare will be a long forgotten story and we cannot wait to get rid of it.

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