Cailie Drops Jaws As She Demonstrates the Effect of Recoil in Cold Weather

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This is badass video. Not only is this chick in her underwear firing a weapon, the recoil is frickin INSANE!

We’d like to thank one of our favorite American Girls with a Gun, Cailie Fischer, for the shout out in her latest video. She braves the cold weather to prove that the AR-15 actually does have recoil. If you still insist the rifle is recoil free, watch the video again and pay close attention to the rapid fire. The effect becomes more evident the faster she pulls the trigger.


0 thoughts on “Cailie Drops Jaws As She Demonstrates the Effect of Recoil in Cold Weather

  1. I like the first one better, her weapon had a tight ass recoil, but with the second hottie, her recoil was more like a jiggling mound of sweet jello.

  2. Fantastic ass. What’s with all the tattoos though. Disfiguring yourself and injecting poison into your lymphatic system is not smart.

  3. Why a relatively attractive girl cheapens the crap out of a beautiful, God given body with a bunch of ink is beyond comprehension!

  4. Because it’s what she likes. And makes her hotter IMO. They are artwork. And nothing Sevier than a tattooed woman or man w a gun. 🙂

  5. Is this a porn site? WTF? This crap does nothing but promote the theory that gun enthusiasts are deviant assholes. I wish I could unsee this garbage.

  6. it is her body to do what ever she wants to with it ,it has no effect on her shape or body tone,why are you not complaining about the fact she is shooting a gun just to jiggle her body, you supposed person of god.

  7. I double down on the tatoos comments…it is a shame to defile Gods’ creation like that…and I also have to object to the crass use of vulgarity…it totally cheapens and degrades the point being made. Girls with Guns should be respected for more than just their derrieres and gun acumen.

  8. I have tats and im not poisoned. Did you get this info from snopes or wikipedia?

  9. America is about freedom! To ink or not to ink? Lmfao!! Let this wonderful woman alone! You commie pinkos!!! Lol

  10. It’s her body, but when she puts it on display it’s our right to comment on it. The whole thing is just an excuse to get viewers to watch the video. No intelligent person would go to the gun range in nothing but their underwear. Why not show men doing that?

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