Illegal High School Students Brought A Gun To School..Trump Makes Them Pay BIGLY!

If you think you can come to America illegally, and break our law... ESPECIALLY in our very own public school system in Trump's America, you better think twice. Trump just made one illegal alien wish he never ....

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Trump Installed Skype Cameras in The Back of His Press Room For Live Streaming

Looks like Trump is making good on his word to give a voice to everyone in America, not just the elite…and that has became blatantly obvious after something rather peculiar was just spotted in the press ....

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REAL Aerial Photo’s Of Trump’s Crowd At Inauguration Surface Proving The Media LIED, Again

We've all seen the overshared  meme showing a sparsely attended Inauguration portrayed by the left. But one man breaks down these photographs in HIGH DEF to prove that Trump's Inauguration just may well have been ....

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