Rebel Writers Force Liberal Lawmaker Retreat

Freelance writers in the state of California were so upset about the new "gig worker" law that nanny-state liberals concocted that they threw a full scale revolution, forcing the author of the bill to back ....

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Black Female Trump Executive Drops MASSIVE Truth Bomb On The Public: ‘I Can No Longer Remain Silent’

A close friend and employee of President Trumps has come to the defense of her boss against unfounded allegations of racism and sexism. Lynne Patton is both black and a woman who is employed by ....

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Congress Discovers Russians Used Facebook To Hurt Trump And Media’s In Total Blackout Mode

Liberal America silent after Congress revelation that the Russians interfered with their political causes NOT the Rights. Following the 2016 presidential election liberals began to claim that Russia had tampered with the US election system ....

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