Caught On Surveillance! Little Girl Is Snatched By Kidnapper In Walmart


A brave little 7 year-old girl in Georgia fought off a man who tried to kidnap her in the toy aisle of a Walmart. Brittney Baxter had stayed home from school because she was sick. Her mom took her with her when she went shopping at the store. She left Brittney to play in the toy aisle while she went to get some fruit. That is when 25 year-old Thomas Woods grabbed her. He tried to cover the girl’s mouth and carry her out of the store, but she screamed and kicked so hard that he dropped her and then fled. It was all captured on video. Woods had just gotten out of federal prison and now is being held without bond on attempted kidnapping and other charges. That is one very brave and lucky girl.

Surveillance cameras outside the store captured Woods getting into his car and speeding off. Police were able to put out a detailed alert that resulted in Woods being caught by police less than an hour later. Police said Woods was released from state prison in October after serving four years for a 2004 conviction for voluntary manslaughter. Woods matched the man in the video with Brittney, but denied being in Walmart. “I didn’t bother nobody, I was never there,” he told reporters after his arrest. He’s obviously lying as well as being deeply stupid. The mother was scared to death over this and says she’ll never let her little girl out of her sight again. I would hope so… in retrospect leaving her alone like that for even a few minutes was poor judgement.

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