Chris Wallace Just Revealed Something That REALLY Screwed Sleepy Joe Over!


We all know these past few days we’ve seen how devastated Biden is, failures after failures… I mean those messes can be avoided in any way but Biden chooses to risk America by his selfish decision-making.

The POTUS has been creating problems and controversy ever since he started seated in the office earlier this year. Not to mention how these Dems been creating propaganda to attack the greatest president ever had, Donald Trump, but also to destroy his plans and projects!

From letting the Southern Border filled by Aliens, Vaccine issues and controversial mandates that makes the American people leery on how this Biden Administration doing its Governance. Well, sad to say, it didn’t end there! Recently, a very strange order to withdraw the forces from Afghanistan.

It didn’t only create problems, CHAOS! not only for Afghan allies but also making the NATO allies come back to the POTUS and expressed harsh words towards him.

The POTUS’s decision in Afghanistan, really a debacle. Even his own administration is shocked at how swiftly the Talibans took charge in Kabul.

Wayne Dupree even compared Joe Biden’s legacy being the Titanic “Sinking at warp speed.”

Shameful! Even his own employees to media and Team Obama to the Republican neocons with State 5 TDS are all out to bring Biden to his knees.

New York Post reported a photo of the POTUS all alone in a conference room at Camp David as Kabul fell to the Taliban on Sunday.

“It feels like that is the lasting image of the President of the United States as his nation suffered the worst self-inflicted humiliation of its history.

It’s really amazing to witness the entire media turning their backs on Bumbling Joe, after they built him up, now they are tearing him down.

It’s not impossible for Team Obama to make that swap even if Team Biden isn’t. Well, see how long it takes for them to knock Biden out of the game – I don’t think he’ll go as easy as Governor Cuomo did – which was another “political hit” from Team Obama.

What a weak leader. America, a total nation reborn.

Watch it here:

Sources: Wayne Dupree, NYPost