CLINT EASTWOOD Decides To Have A Campaign Rally For THIS Candidate


Having Clint Eastwood in your corner is definitely a big deal. I’m not exactly sure what Trump means by ‘making a speech for Clint Eastwood’. Shouldn’t it be the other way around if Eastwood is endorsing him? It’s a bit confusing. Nevertheless, it will draw a crowd. That’s in California… then Trump will be off to Freedomfest in Vegas and then to Arizona and a rally with Sheriff Joe Arpaio against illegal immigration. Predictably, McCain and Flake won’t be there, because they support illegal immigration. Personally, I would like to see Trump get specific on a number of issues and take a solid non-shifting stance on them.

From Western Journalism:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be making a three-state swing this weekend through California, Nevada, and Arizona. The first stop entails a stop for actor and director Clint Eastwood. Trump announced on Twitter Wednesday he will be making a speech on behalf of Eastwood to discuss “illegals and more.”

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The speech in Vegas will be entitled: “What the American Dream Means to Me, and How We Can Make America Great Again.” This is pure showmanship politics. It’s political reality theater and the masses seem to eat it up. No word yet if there will be bread and circuses. The event in Phoenix was initially scheduled to take place at the Arizona Biltmore, but was moved to the convention center because of an overwhelming demand, the local party said. He’s drawing millions from all over the political spectrum and at this rate there is little standing in his way. Populism has hit the US and Trump is riding the wave.


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  1. To Donald , Thank you for taking on the GOP elite thieves. The GOP has done nothing but exported our jobs,made millions of $$$ making trade deals at our expence, Made more and more people poor to be disgraced by having to apply for welfare due to Obama politics who can`t find good paying jobs or having to take numberous part time low paying jobs. WE can`t compete with foreign slave labor wages of $1 or $2 an hour or even less. We have slaves,slavery never ended, we just hide it behind foreign trade in foreign countries..They live in cardboard boxes and tin shanny shacks and coffin style appartment with just a bed and tv going months without seeing family working 18 hours daily to provide us with all the cheap products every American uses every day. Keep up the fight Donald we trust in you..As far as Black lives matters.. Clinton policys have imprisoned millions of black men , Donald none.. How is Donald a racist ????

  2. Trump doesn’t have any specifics- he’s all blather and no substance. Scary how all the Kool Aid drinkers fall all over him and don’t really know what he is for, he changes according to the wind.

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