CLINTON INSIDER Reveals Info About The BRUTAL FIGHTS Bill ANd Hillary Had In The Days Leading Up To The Election


By now, Donald Trump’s victory on election day is old news. But what was happening in the days leading up to his win? Hillary Clinton clearly thought she was going to win. Everything wasn’t smooth sailing in the Clinton campaign, though. Before the election, Bill and Hillary Clinton evidently were getting into screaming matches.

According to New York Times bestselling author Ed Klein, who recently published his fourth book about the Clintons, Bill and Hillary had major disagreements about how to handle Hillary’s dropping poll numbers. “I was with Bill in Little Rock when he had this shouting match with Hillary on the phone and she accused Comey for reviving the investigation into her use of a private email server and reversing her campaign’s momentum,” one of Bill Clinton’s advisers said.

“Bill didn’t buy the excuse that Comey would cost Hillary the election. As far as he was concerned, all the blame belonged to [campaign manager Robby] Mook, [campaign chairman John] Podesta and Hillary because they displayed a tone-deaf attitude about the feeble economy and its impact on millions and millions of working-class voters.”

Evidently, the argument got Bill pretty heated.

“Bill was so red in the face during his conversation with Hillary that I worried he was going to have a heart attack. He got so angry that he threw his phone off the roof of his penthouse apartment and toward the Arkansas River,” the source claimed.

Bill also felt that Hillary’s advisers ignored his advice. He had encouraged them to make the economy a big part of her campaign, but they didn’t. He also told advisers that they should try to connect with people who felt left behind in the technology and globalization revolution. “Bill said that constantly attacking Trump for his defects made Hillary’s staff and the media happy, but that it wasn’t a message that resonated with voters, especially in the rust belt,” they said. “Bill always campaigned as a guy who felt your pain, but Hillary came across as someone who was pissed off at her enemy [Trump], not someone who was reaching out and trying to make life better for the white working class.”

Hillary also felt

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