COME ON! Biden Just Cancelled Big Veterans Demonstration!


Defense officials have denied veterans advocates permission to stage their annual Memorial Day motorcycle rally at the Pentagon parking lot.

The 32-year tradition of staging in the Pentagon parking lots before thousands ride motorcycles past the national war memorials and around the National Mall on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend is vastly important to countless Americans, especially veterans and Gold Star families.

American Veterans met at the Pentagon on Memorial Day weekend as part of their Rolling to Remember rally. But, as with most every other American tradition, the Biden Regime has cancelled this one as well, refusing to give the officially chartered organization that represents over 20 million American Veterans a parking permit.

The decision will force up to 10,000 participants already planning on attending the event to set up somewhere else in Washington for the weekend, complicating — but not outright canceling — the annual tradition.

“There are no options with as much space and convenient routes to the memorials [as the Pentagon parking lot], meaning it will be more difficult, disruptive, and expensive than if they were available,” said Joe Chenelly, national executive director for AMVETS, the organizers of the ride.

“We don’t have time to worry about who has said no to us at this point,” he said. “We are now squarely focused on pulling together everything we need in the final few weeks.”

The DOD cited completely unscientific “Covid” worries, especially since social distancing and mask use have been determined by studies to be ineffective against influenza in numerous studies–especially outdoors.

And, while the DOD is snubbing AmVets, DC is opening museums and the National Zoo in May despite any CCP Virus worries.

This has forced AmVets to seek an alternate location at RFK stadium and led many to question the behavior of the Biden Regime which continues to label conservatives and Trump supporters as white supremacists and domestic terrorists.

But, the AmVets are not giving up despite the Biden Regime shrugging them off.  They intend to find new venues in multiple locations, which will likely cause more traffic issues.

Sources: 100percentfedup, ABC 7 News, CNBC