COME ON: This Latest Viral Challenge Is Going Off The Rails For All The…


Social media users are often lured into the never-ending circle of trends whenever a viral video, picture, or story pops up on their feeds. While most of the trends nowadays are in the form of challenges, there are some bizarre ones that have no explanation whatsoever.

What’s trending now on the internet is possibly one of the most bizarre ( and dare we say pointless) challenges we’ve seen.

Open your mouth and say hello ( if you can) to the cereal challenge. What is it you ask? A gross and possibly hazardous challenge involves users eating cereal out of other people’s mouths. The #CerealChallenge has been a hot topic, especially amongst influencers on Tik Tok and we’re not sure why.

Some of the more popular videos include a sister and a brother who squabble as they try it out, and a man who successfully scoops Fruity Pebbles from the mouth of a giggling woman who appears to be his spouse (she posted the clip with the caption “Ran out of bowls, so I did what any wife would do.”)

In what might be the most disgusting example of the genre (and that is really saying something in this context), a young man lies on the floor while an off-screen friend pours milk into his mouth, which is then lapped up by a large dog, all set to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Yummy.”

Generally, the stunt ends with the person standing in as the “bowl” spitting up a combination of milk and cereal. So some users wear protective gear — shower caps and towels — to avoid a mess. Smart, huh?

If you don’t choke on it, the person then takes a spoon and eats the cereal out of the second person’s mouth as if it were a bowl. Pointless? Yes, we think so.

What’s worse is most people tend to pour way too much milk and cereal leaving the other person choking. Apparently, a lot of people find this hilarious. Thankfully the more sensible part of the Twitter community has largely criticized the #CerealChallenge over concerns that someone could get hurt or even choke to death.

Sad to say, dangerous trends seem to be on the rise these days…and the media has a huge role in stopping this kind of pointless and dangerous challenge.

Watch the video below for more details:

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