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COME ON! Walmart Makes MASSIVE Move Against Trump – Find Out What They Did To PISS Patriots Off!

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Disturbing new reports are coming in that the family that owns Walmart has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

According to Western Journalism, the Walton family, which owns the Walmart brand, have just revealed that they are Clinton supporters. Though many of the Democratic presidential nominee’s supporters oppose some of Walmart’s business practices, the retail giant’s Clinton ties date back at least 30 years.

While her husband was Governor of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton served six years on the Walmart board of directors. While she has since backed off on some of her support for the corporation, Clinton never completely severed the relationship.

When she first ran for president in 2008, she chose to return $5,000 donated to her campaign by Walmart’s political action fund citing a disagreement with the company’s values amid growing disdain for Walmart among left-leaning voters.

Many liberal voters are still upset over Walmart’s reticence to allow employees to unionize. Last year, pressure from the public prompted Walmart to initiate progressive across-the-board minimum wage hikes.

In 2008, Clinton appeared to turn on Walmart when she said it does not “reflect the best way to do business and the values that [she thinks] are important in America,” but the company’s executives continued to back her.

During this election cycle, the Walton family has donated at least $700,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. Her precious Clinton foundation has received millions of dollars in donations from the Walmart Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation over the years.


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  1. That does it for me. I have shopped at Walmart for the last time. She was on the board of directors for Walmart and yet she IDs telling everybody how she wants a minimum wage of 15.00 an hour for every worker. Well the cofactors is the stare in which you reside sets the minimum wage not the federal government . What a fuckin lying bitch she is. Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation

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