Cops Hear A Mysterious Voice Calling For Help From The Car – They’re Shocked By What’s Inside

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On March 7, 2015, 25-year-old Jennifer Groesbeck lost control her car while driving with her 18-month-old baby, Lily, in the backseat. The car hit a concrete barrier and careened off a small bridge over the Spanish Fork River in Utah. The car landed on its roof and was completely destroyed.

Fourteen hours later, a fisherman noticed the vehicle and immediately phoned the police for help. When they arrived, they found no signs of life. But then something unexplainable happened. Out of nowhere, the officers began to hear a voice.

One officer tells, “I felt like I could hear somebody telling me they needed help. It was very surreal.” While it’s arguable when such an experience happens to one officer, in this case, many officers heard the voice. They later described the voice to be that of a woman and not a child.

As the officers heard the voice calling for help, they jumped into the water to see if they could save whoever needed them. Working together, they flipped the car right-side up. When they peered inside, they saw Jennifer, dead in the driver seat, but they noticed baby Lily was alive and breathing. She was unconscious in the back seat.

A mysterious voice had alerted the officer of Lily’s existence and survival. Without it, these officers might not have been able to save her life.

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