Cops Launch FULL SCALE MURDER PROBE In The Death Of Music Legend PRINCE!

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Officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are reportedly launching a murder probe into the death of pop icon Prince.

Following reports of a drug overdose that came after years of rumored opiate abuse, police are said to be hunting down the individuals who treated Prince. Staff at his Paisley Park estate all willingly allowed police to search their phones, computers and emails, and authorities have been given full access to the singer’s affairs from the past two years.

Prince’s staff, the Daily Star reported, built a “wall of steel” around him to prevent his alleged opiate addiction from going public.

“A crack team have been assigned with learning minute by minute what Prince was doing during his final days,” a police source told the Daily Star.

“But the investigation will also look into his activities over the last two years.”

Police refused to rule out homicide in the case, and those who supplied Prince with drugs could potentially face murder charges if it’s found that the singer was enabled and given enough prescription drugs to kill him.

An autopsy was recently completed on the singer, who died at Paisley Park after being found unresponsive. The full results of the autopsy and a final cause of death will not be revealed for weeks, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

“We just want to stay out of it and let the police handle it,” Maurice Phillips, husband of Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, told the Star Tribune. “She’s still in the grieving process.”

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