Criminal Alien Abduction On S.F. Court Stairs

Illegal Immigration Liberal Agenda

Radical San Francisco progressives are furious about a recent alien abduction. The kidnapping of the poor “Mexican national with multiple felony convictions” happened right on their courthouse steps. Nancy Pelosi promised that wouldn’t happen, since they’re declared a “sanctuary city.” The local town clowns were so interested in protecting criminals they passed a law making enforcing the law illegal. ICE told them exactly where they should shove it.

Case dismissed, alien criminal deported instead

One of the liberal city judges who kept letting an unidentified felonious alien back on the streets, again and again, was shocked to get a note that the defendant wouldn’t be in court for his scheduled criminal hearing, because he was just forcibly dragged away from the courthouse by La Migra.

Field Office Director David Jennings with the local federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency released a statement to the press on Thursday setting the record straight. “Our officers will not have their hands tied by sanctuary rules when enforcing immigration laws to remove criminal aliens from our communities.”

The man they captured “has been arrested by local law enforcement at least seven times” over the past five years and has a record of felony convictions in 2016, 2017, and 2019. In 2018, they filed a “detainer” order which was ignored so the criminal could be returned to the streets. It happens all the time. “Criminals like this individual are released to re-offend again and again.”

Liberals are furious but frustrated

San Francisco Public Defender Mano Raju is jumping up and down over the incident. “California law explicitly forbids a civil enforcement agency, including ICE, from making a civil arrest without a warrant outside a courthouse.” Wrong. She should go back to law school. California’s sanctuary law does not supersede federal immigration law. They can haul off an alien any time they find one.

“We don’t need no steenking warrant,” ICE officials insist. They made it crystal clear last year that “Section 287 of the Immigration and Nationality Act provides ICE officers the authority to arrest aliens without a judicial warrant.” What would be nice is if the local law enforcement would hold these dangerous felons safely in custody, after they have already been relieved of their weapons, instead of endangering the public by making CBP track them down and arrest them in the community.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin thinks she can do as she pleases no matter what the law says. “ICE actions in or near our courthouses deters people from accessing our justice system, making us all less safe.” Before she went to work defending the rights of criminals, Boudin was an official translator “for Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez.” Chavez was backed by the billions of George Soros.

Mark Megahan
Mark Megahan is a resident of Arizona and "deplorable" Donald Trump supporter. For several years, he has been an outspoken critic of the "deep state" government within a government, while providing solid fact based analysis of current events. Mark is also an impassioned advocate for those like himself who are disabled by chemical hypersensitivity.