Dad & Daughter Confront Target Over Bathroom BS…And What His Daughter Said Is HILARIOUS

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The story Izzy Avraham posted on his Facebook page has now been shared almost 45,000 times!

When he found out about Target’s new ‘inclusive’ bathroom policy that allows men to use the women’s bathroom, he decided to confront them himself — and brought his daughter along with him.

Take a look at how this played out:

Tirzah and I went to ‪#‎Target‬ this morning.

I explained to her on the way how some men think they’re women and wear dresses and makeup and want to use the women’s washrooms instead of the men’s. I asked her what she thought of that. She said, “That’s weird.” And was quiet for a bit. Then she said, “If a man walked into the women’s washroom I’d fight him until he got out!”

We kept talking and I explained to her that we should be kind and loving to everyone, because everybody is a person with a heart and feelings. But that you can also disagree with the way they’re acting, and think it’s weird.

So we got to Target and introduced ourselves to the manager. I asked her on a practical level how Target’s policy worked out if my six-year-old daughter walked into the women’s restroom and someone with a biologically male body walked in behind her. She said Target has always had a policy of non-discrimination, and that if parents had concerns we could use the family rooms, or Tirzah could come in the men’s washroom with me. I told her that as a concerned dad, I’m uncomfortable with Target’s decision to allow people with male bodies in the women’s washrooms. And that we think it’s weird. We thanked her and left. I kept the whole conversation really polite and as relaxed as possible.

So here’s what so wrong about this. Target’s recent ‘inclusivity’ announcement concludes by saying “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. And you’ll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target.” Really? Telling me you’re ok with men walking into the bathroom behind my baby girl actually doesn’t make me feel like I belong. It didn’t make her feel like she belonged either, to hear the manager tell us that in person. Basically Target just told us – and millions of concerned parents – that we’re no longer accepted, respected, and welcome in their stores.

My friends, Target has crossed a line, and I believe this is a test case. If you’re a concerned parent I invite you to do three things. 1. Share this story. 2. Then go to your nearest Target and do exactly what we did. 3. Then share your story, and use this hashtag: ‪#‎byetarget‬


0 thoughts on “Dad & Daughter Confront Target Over Bathroom BS…And What His Daughter Said Is HILARIOUS

  1. Or, demand the bathroom be cleaned, pee on the seat. Watch what happens to their labor costs.

  2. DOn’t bother troubling yourself to go to Target. Just stay away from them. Let Target and any other idiotic business that adopts this absurd immoral policy to die a slow economic death at the hands of the few pervert customers they will retain. I will never shop there again. No need to, don’t want to. From now on I’m asking the store policy before I shop at any of these big box store! It’s MY money and MY Family!

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