Dad Discovers Teen Daughter’s Alcohol Stash — Delivers EPIC Video Response


When this dad found a secret stash of alcohol in his daughter’s sock drawer, he delivered a response that she will never forget. Would you have done the same thing? Or would have a more severe consequence for something like this?

Watch the video below:

One Texas teenager got quite the surprise while on vacation when she received a video message from her dad, who found a creative way to let her know he discovered her secret alcohol stash.

The message starts off innocently – and deceptively – enough, with the good-natured father telling his 16-year-old daughter he hoped she was having fun on her trip in South Padre Island.

‘I saw the little chasing the crab deal,’ he says, referencing her recent social media activity. ‘Looks like fun.’

But then the father reveals it’s a very different kind of activity he actually wants to talk to her about.

‘Hey when you get home,’ he begins, ‘I’d like to talk to you about this.’


0 thoughts on “Dad Discovers Teen Daughter’s Alcohol Stash — Delivers EPIC Video Response

  1. Not much he could do with her being out of town. But the rest of her vacation is not going to be as much fun. Good for him keeping his cool in the message but how angry was he 15 minutes before? Trust….an amazing concept. How can a teen trust the parents if they go through the drawers? How can you trust your teen if you don’t go through the drawers? Parents and teens still need to talk. Be friends with the other but always remember that the adult sets the (right or wrong) rules. Sorry kids, but when you have kids you get to be your parents. Kids…it is amazing how much your parents will learn in the first year after you move out on your own. You thought life sucks being a teen, just wait. Rent, hydro, car payment, insurance, repairs, clothes, movies, bars and night life, vacations, and so much more. Then if you want to eat, you have to buy food and learn how to prepare a meal. Damn being an adult sux, and it lasts oh so much longer than the teen years. Have a good life.

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