Dementia Joe Just Got Caught Forgetting His Own Name Again!


I’m sorry if I will be harsh on our so-called “president” with mashed potato brains for some of you, but it’s the truth.

I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with Joe – I’d guess it’s some form of late-stage Dementia because this guy is declining at a really rapid rate.

The whole world knows Joe has mashed potatoes for brains and is saying it out loud (and probably laughing a lot, too) but our pathetic propaganda press is still trying to desperately provide cover for the old guy. I know everyone knows this – it’s n0t a “crazy right-wing conspiracy.”

Have you noticed they’ve stopped with the silly “childhood stutter” stuff lately? Because Joe is on a rapid decline. Now instead, they just ignore it, thinking Americans will just refuse to see and hear what’s right in from of their faces.

However, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore his apparent “senility,” for lack of a better word.

Take for example what happened yesterday on LIVE TV.

Biden literally forgot who he was while discussing the Osama Bin Laden killing.

If you’ll recall, Joe Biden actually opposed the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden – and this isn’t speculation – it’s actually been on the “record” for eons now.

Obama himself told us so.

Reports from The Guardian,

Joe Biden advised Barack Obama to wait to order the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, the former president writes in his new memoir.

“Joe weighed in against the raid,” Obama writes in A Promised Land, about the discussion of the Navy Seals mission, which he ordered to go ahead as intended in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on the night of 1-2 May 2011.

But now, according to ol’ confused Joe, he actually wanted to follow Osama into the gates of hell and take him down!!!! 😂 It’s fun when we can just randomly remember history however we want to, right?

When the moment came and they finally had a clear shot to try and take out Osama, Joe buckled.

Does that sound like running into the gates of hell, to you?

Sounds more like running away with your tail tucked firmly between your legs.

You can watch the video below:

Joe looks and sounds like a confused old man, trying to tell an old war story to his buddies in the “home,” and can’t remember what actually happened.

This feeble, shaky old man trying to seem “tough” is both sad and infuriating to watch.

The reason Joe’s handlers lie about him is because he has nothing to be proud of.

He’s an empty shell politician who soaked the American people dry his entire career.

The reason Joe Biden lies about himself is because he’s actually forgotten everything.

Either way, America is screwed.

Sources: WayneDupree, The Guardian