Democrat Gov Caught In Scandal That Will Cost Him His JOB!


Man, it sure seems that the state of California has a history when it comes to electing governors that turn out to be totally crooked.

Look at the events that came about that ended up with the Terminator getting elected for crying out loud. Anyway, it seems that every so often they hire someone for the job that turns out to be positively terrible at what they are doing.

Added to the fact that the guy currently at the helm of the state is taking advantage of a public health crisis, then you have someone that is just downright despicable.

A huge Democrat name in California politics just got busted in a quid pro quo scandal that makes What Joe and Hunter Biden set up look like a street-corner hustle. The reservoir of cash piped around at Gavin Newsom’s “behest” was record breaking.

Those who follow the incestuous ins and outs of California Democrat politics are screaming about the latest scandal cooked up by Gavin Newsom. The nephew of Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law has a racket going that the Biden family can be jealous of.

All it takes to get a state license to print money, called a no-bid contract, is to make donations to anyone Newsom names.

As explained by DailyWire, “the requests are known as ‘behested payments,’ donations made to organizations at the request of a politician.” In California, the scandal part comes in because Governor Newsom returned the favor.

“Those who made donations at his request” got “lucrative state contracts.” According to reports, the behested payments “were a record-setting haul eclipsing all prior donations on record by nearly $100 million.”

Most of the Quid Pro Quo donations “supported COVID-19 relief efforts.” When investigators started digging deeper they learned that “Newsom’s fundraising was supercharged not just by the pandemic, but also by the broad emergency powers the Democratic governor has assumed because of it.”

As part of the scandal, Newsom “raised $45 million last year from insurance companies Blue Shield of California and Kaiser Permanente toward his housing initiative, Project Homekey.”

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