SICK: A Disturbing Never-Before-Seen Report Details The Gruesome Images Police Found In A Raid Of Michael Jackson’s Ranch

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A never-before-seen report about the prosecution of Michael Jackson has been released byRadar Online. Some documents suggest that the star had a stockpile of images of child porn, animal torture, sado-masochism and gore. The photos, allegedly retrieved from a raid on the Neverland Valley Ranch in November 2003, were intended to “lure young boys.”

Following the raid, Jackson was charged with seven counts of child molestation, but a jury acquitted him of all charges in June 2005.

The Michael Jackson Trial Continues
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Among the images detailed in the report were “doctored pictures of adult’s bodies with children’s heads, homoerotic imagery and heterosexual pictures along with pictures of naked children.” They also included distributing photos of animal torture and one photo of a lookalike of murdered child star JonBenet Ramsey with a noose around her neck.

The report states:

“One of the books found in the master bedroom’s den (A Sexual Study Of Man) contain all male nude photographs and photographs of men engaged in homosexual acts.”

“‘These materials are the instruments of seduction and are circumstantial evidence of defendant’s systematic approach to that seduction of his intent to engage in sexual acts with young boys as the fruit of that seduction.”


Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office did not respond to Radar’s request for comment. But former Santa Barbara Senior Assistant District Attourney Ron Zonen, who prosecuted Jackson, said of the documents:

“This stuff was used to desensitize the children and Michael admitted taking one child after another to bed with him.”

“We identified five different boys, who all made allegations of sexual abuse.”

It’s rumored that Jackson paid up to $200 million in out of court settlements before his death.

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