Domino’s Pizza Employee Releases Video Showing Dough Left To Rise Inside BATHROOM NEXT TO TOILET

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A man who worked for Domino’s Pizza, released a video, showing how dough was left to rise in the bathroom.

Scott Whispell of New York, posted the video to his YouTube account, showing bowls filled with dough rising in unhygienic conditions.

“I am going to show you that we have dough settling in the bathroom,” Whispell was heard saying in the video.

He then proceeded to enter through what appears to be the back of the store, and he opened a door to reveal pallets of dough stacked next to a toilet.

Whispell has commented on the video, indicating that he had been fired. The owners claimed that he lost his job because he did not have a “reliable vehicle” with which to perform his job.

He also claimed that Domino’s has accused him of deliberately placing the pallets into the toilet in an attempt to blackmail them.

“They’re just you getting nervous because I exposed them,” he wrote.

In a Facebook post, the store manager, who identified himself as Russ, wrote: “It came to my attention that a video has surfaced from a former employee. This employee was let go for multiple uniform and attendance issues.

“When he was let go, he claimed to have a video that was going to go viral if we did not let him stay on the job. I would not allow him to blackmail us or our company, and encouraged him to do what he felt was right for him.

“His claims are obviously false and I would happily invite anyone to see our 5 star worthy kitchen and operations.”


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