THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY: Chaos Ensues When Trump Confronts Whoopi Goldberg On Obama Birth Certificate

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has always been blunt and forthright regarding President Obama’s birthplace. Now, a video reveals Trump’s vehemence on this topic while he and actress Whoopi Goldberg discuss this matter on The View.

VIA American News

During the show, Whoopi refuses to admit that there are any questions about Obama refusing to release his birth certificate. Trump attempts to talk some sense into her, but each time he is met with the race card.

Still, Trump continues to debate and ends up leaving Whoopi looking like an uneducated idiot. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

0 thoughts on “THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY: Chaos Ensues When Trump Confronts Whoopi Goldberg On Obama Birth Certificate

  1. President hopeful, Senator Cruz was, I understand, physically born in Canada, of American parents. Under US laws, a child born of American parents in another country is to also be considered an American. Sen. Cruz had to prove his eligibility and show his birth certificate (or similar credentials) which then went to the supreme court for approval or denial. It was approved by the courts. So why does Obama show his? Granted it is a little bit late for such a fanfare but I am sure the public wants to know the truth. I would like to know and the outcome will not affect me at all as a Canadian. Good day eh!

  2. Auto correct sux. Corrected below.
    Why doesn’t Obama show his? Granted it is a little late, …..

  3. If it is proven that he is not a US citizen and lied about it then his Presidency was obtained by fraud. Every bill, legislation, treaty, executive order he has ever signed are rescinded and made invalid. Very big deal. Ramifications both foreign and domestic.

  4. He was born in Hawai which is part of USA…Look at his record as a President…one of the highest ratings ever and MILLIONS of jobs created….look at Bush’s record (Born and ILL bred in USA) The lowest RATING ever brought about the worst recession..caused the worst disaster in the Middle east on false pretenses…caused widespread hatred amongst muslims against the western world…So Republicans take Bush’s Birth certificate and shove it up yours you know where ….

  5. First off: Whoopie, you are an IDIOT. Why don’t you go ahead and leave ?
    Second: It is NOT BS to want the President to meet the conditions of the Constitution.

  6. Darcy, PLEASE stop drinking the coolaid. You’ve fallen for all the lies. This administration has rigged all the numbers, hidden the facts, and totally fabricated what they call the truth. Step away from the biased media, and get the truth. There are more truly unemployed people now than anytime in history, they don’t tell you that the number of people that have given up trying to get a job are not included in the unemployment numbers. Welfare handouts have multiplied to unsustainable amounts in the last 8 years, they refuse to obey the constitution, and want to bring in over 100k refugees that want to kill you. WAKE UP

  7. But obamas FATHER was A Kenyon! Shoots a big asz hole in your law! And one would think he would WANT to show the real certificate to, once and for all put an end to the question! His reticence makes him look like he has all to hide!

  8. And the Republican party just sat on their collectives asses and did nothing? Sounds like maybe, just maybe, they knew that the son of an American citizen, born wherever, is an American citizen.

  9. First off, how old is this clip? Seriously.

    Secondly, nobody really had an advantage over anybody else. They were all talking at the same time, Trump as much as everybody else, and is was all a jumbled mess.

  10. Why hasn’t the Republican party found anything to bolster their case? They’ve had 8 years to work on it, yet they have offered nothing. Looks like it is a case of “nothing to see here, move along people, move along.”

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