Ever Wonder Why Your Name Is ALWAYS Spelled Wrong At Starbucks? Here’s Why.

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Yes, you’ve been to Starbucks, well done to you. There are dozens of independent coffee houses all over your city that actually value you as a customer but never mind, you love that free wifi. You do you.

Oh and yes, we know that every time you visit they spell your name wrong on the cup, you put it on both Instagram and Facebook, you poor soul.

Really though, all you’re doing is handing them free promotion, literally.

You should probably know that already but if not here’s Paul Gale Comedy explaining it.

You are posting the Starbucks logo all over your social media, probably without knowing it, free advertising for them.

Talking of famous coffee chains, here’s the Costa coffee scandal. Paying more for those large lattes? They’re not large at all.

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