Facebook Caught In LIE After Footage Of Black Trump Supporters Surfaces! [VIDEO]


If you do not think that the various social media organizations out there are not catering towards the Black Lives Matter movement then you are sadly mistaken.

Just look at the list of what gets blocked by these companies on a daily basis and if you find yourself saying something bad about any of them than you will find your profile locked down quicker than you can say retweet.

There is no longer any questing that FB is in the tank for the globalist corporations.  Not a single sane person thinks that the social media companies are in the corner of the America people, never mind, President Trump

The whole dynamic has become a joke. it is you, me and the rest of the hard working Americans against the mob …

The idea of celebrating American history was bad enough for the BLM agitators, but included in the march were hundreds of black Donald Trump supporters celebrating his success and at times chanting”Four More Years”.

Big Brother Facebook temporarily suspended Jamie Allman’s Facebook account after he posted a video of hundreds of black Trump supporters chanting “We love Trump”.

Why, because the video went directly against the narrative the left is trying to engrain into the minds of Americans, that Trump is a racist.

On his flight home to St. Louis Allman discovered he’d been locked out of his account for “bullying and harassment.“

The video shows the stunned BLM demonstrators most of whom were white .

Here it what is looked like on Instagram.

One video went viral — It showed the Freedom Marchers going by Black Lives Matter Park.

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