YMCA Takes CNN News Off All TV’s Due To Complaints About “Fake News”

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Finally! Enough complaints at YMCA for CNN ‘Fake New’ constantly playing in their facilities, brainwashing the public. They are now saying ‘no more CNN’ and this is GREAT NEWS. Now for airports and restaurants to follow suit…

VIA| The Valparaiso, Indiana, YMCA issued a statement to members that the cable news network was removed from facility TVs because too many members complained about the programing.

Debra Koeppen, the YMCA’s chief development officer, said that “Trying to please everyone” is the “No. 1 problem we have in the wellness area,” according to Chicago Tribune reporter Jerry Davich, who claims to be a member of the YMCA in question.

Earlier this week, Robert Wanek, CEO of the Valparaiso YMCA, sent a message to members saying, “In order to eliminate perceived political bias associated with national news outlets, the Valparaiso Family YMCA will only be showing local news channels in the future.”

Davich asked the CEO to reveal more details about the removal of CNN from the TVs, but Wanek replied, “I cannot pinpoint the change origins, only to add that we get dozens of requests to change channels every day from numerous interest groups.”

“We just want the Y to be a haven for wellness where people come together and have a sense of belonging, gain new relationships and achieve their personal goals,” Wanek added. “We will display local news moving forward.”

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