Fidgety Lawyers Frantic To Buy Witness Silence

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Lawyers for the Jeffrey Epstein victim compensation fund are frantic to get all the abused children quickly paid off. They’re hoping to buy their silence as witnesses. Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but a lot of criminals are still running around loose, including Ghislaine Maxwell. The attorneys want the victims to agree not to pursue anyone at all connected with the crimes before they get a check. Normally, they would only agree not to sue the estate. The child-sex ring was only the tip of the iceberg.

Lawyers frantic to hide the truth

High powered attorneys Ken Feinberg and Camille Biros were named last week as the administrators of Jeffrey Epstein’s proposed victim compensation fund. They’re “eager” to launch the program. That’s an understatement because they’re frantic to seal a deal. By telling the women what they want to hear, they expect to quickly buy their silence.

“What all these victims want, more than compensation I think, is validation. They want to hear from the independent administrator, ‘I validate your claim. The women haven’t gotten that from the estate,” Feinberg asserts.

They plan to wave big checks under the noses of around 100 alleged victims, which they can’t cash until they agree “not to pursue a further lawsuit.” What isn’t clear is whether that restriction will be limited to the estate as usual, or a much wider release letting everyone else involved off the hook. And also keeping the public from learning if there was a blackmail operation going on in secret.

If the deep state had compromising videos of say, Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew, two of Epstein’s well known associates, one can only imagine how much political influence that would be worth. Epstein’s black book is a treasure trove of well connected world influencers.

“Two pedophiles in a pod”

Polished credibility

Feinberg and Biros are well known as the administrators for the Catholic Diocese in five states, in charge of settling child abuse claims against priests. Feinberg also worked on the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. That gives the estate polished credibility, when they were starting to look like crooks.

The dynamic duo were named because they have a lot more credibility than estate trustees Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn. Indyke and Kahn were both listed by the Attorney General in the Virgin Islands as co-defendants in Epstein’s criminal enterprise. They have an obvious conflict of interest. Denise George filed liens tying up the estate until they finally produced an accounting of the assets.

George had two main concerns when she filed the liens. First, the attorneys were all set to spend the money before the victims would get a cent. They weren’t even admitting how much the estate was worth. She was also highly concerned about the release clause that would let all of Epstein’s co-conspirators walk away scot free. We now know that the estate is worth at least $634 million but we still don’t know what’s going on with the witness coverup.

Robert Maxwell had spooky connections.

Epstein’s ‘criminal enterprise’

It’s been well established by now that Jeffrey Epstein was a total pervert, who kept a harem of underage girls as his sex slaves. He also shared them with household name celebrities. Why? He didn’t set up his global operations all by himself, he had a lot of help.

For some reason, there is an obvious effort to shield his co-conspirators from investigation, especially Ghislaine Maxwell. Diving into her murky past could lead to global government shattering revelations. Her rich daddy had spooky connections. He was allegedly an agent of the Mossad. Rumors suggest she may have been groomed from childhood to run a clandestine honey-pot blackmail operation for the deep state. Maxwell and Epstein were described as “two pedophiles in a pod.”

All of Epstein’s co-conspirators were bullet-proof in his original Florida case, including Maxwell. Everyone on Epstein’s payroll signed confidentiality agreements which keep them from talking. Nobody is allowed to say anything to anybody and the lawyers all want to keep it that way.

When Ms. George released the liens, she made it clear she’s still watching out for the victims and not about to let the criminal investigation drop if she can help it. “The Attorney General intends to permit the release of Estate assets to allow for just compensation of victims of Mr. Epstein through the administration of the Fund assuming that certain enhancements to the claims program are implemented.

Mark Megahan
Mark Megahan is a resident of Arizona and "deplorable" Donald Trump supporter. For several years, he has been an outspoken critic of the "deep state" government within a government, while providing solid fact based analysis of current events. Mark is also an impassioned advocate for those like himself who are disabled by chemical hypersensitivity.