Former First Lady? YOU WOULDN’T KNOW IT! Michelle Obama in Big Trouble After Getting a “Special Dance” At a Concert


Well, I’m not really sure if Michelle Obama is going through a midlife crisis or what, but boy, when she steps out, she definitely steps out! (Oh brother) 

The former First Lady of the United States was acting anything but when she went to Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theatre with a group of other, lesser-known female friends. She decided to go to Christina Aguilera’s Xperience concert, and she definitely got up close and personal with some of the entertainment there, to say the least. 

First of all, Michelle wasn’t with her husband, but she got a nice up-close view of one of Christina’s back-up dancers, a guy with no shirt on who decided to twerk in her direction. The man was only wearing black shorts and gold chaps. 

There was quite a bit of special attention going on, and Michelle seemed to be taking every bit of it in. She was even applauded by her friends for going with the flow, having a good time, and just having some harmless (albeit risque) fun. The man shamelessly danced in front of her for all the world to see. 

Of course, Obama is a fifty-six-year-old woman now, but many people think she doesn’t look bad for her age. Her youthful energy is probably part of the reason why the dancer felt drawn to her in the first place! Whether you like it or not, this aging liberal definitely got some personal attention from this Christina Aguilera dancer, no doubt about it. 

Of course, as a former First Lady, they wouldn’t allow Michelle Obama to simply enjoy this moment completely by herself. Obama had a female security guard with her at all times. However, Michelle did clap along and seemed to be in good spirits even with this special attention being provided to her. 

Indeed, there were a few people who started to speculate that the former First Lady gestured to the dancer (is she having marital trouble perhaps?) but there was no way to prove that. Even though this claim was unverified, there is no question that the man did some very risque’ dance moves around her. The man had some dark hair and sideburns that were shaved off completely. 

Along with doing some twerking for Barack Obama’s wife, the dancer also decided to climb on top of a wall and do some more gyrations and fancy dance moves. He was soon joined by other male dancers and they came and joined in on the revelry. Everyone was wearing the same uniform. 

Soon, the dancing was over with, and the special attention for Michelle Obama had evaporated. However, even Michelle seemed surprised by all of this special attention. She ended up having a fit of giggles and seemed to be shocked simply because most people treat her with a lot more dignity in their response. However, it seemed to be good fun and just perfectly innocuous. 

Obama raised her arms along with the rest of her friends as the male dancer walked away. Obama and the rest of her friends just seemed to be having a good time, even IF she IS INDEED the former FIRST LADY of the UNITED STATES. I don’t know, maybe Melania will follow suit in another six years or so? I guess time will tell.