Fox News Anchor Just Made A Major Announcement: The Backlash Is Coming!


Brit Hume, a Fox News Senior Political Analyst, said in an interview with Bret Baier that the pernicious anti-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is being taught in America is causing a “backlash” across the country.

It has corrupted American schools, government agencies, and businesses, instilling hatred for white skin, American ancestry, and America itself in recent generations in order to divide and conquer the nation from within.

The reaction, on the other hand, has already started, with parents and students in several cities rising up and removing Marxists and anti-American teachers, curricula, and school board members who are to blame for these self-hating teachings. Idaho was the most recent state to outlaw the procedure.

Dare to speak the truth:

However, millions of Americans must follow suit in order to genuinely affect progress. Parents must become more active and reclaim their school boards and city councils with American ideals instead of CRT’s corrupt mentality.

You will not be saved by national politicians.

Watch it here: Fox News/Youtube

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