George Lopez: “Trump Can Kiss My Ass, I’m Moving And I’m Not Telling You Where I’m Going”


Oh George.

Looks like he’s not taking the Trump Presidency so well…

We had of hope for decency for the latino comedian back in May of last year when Donald Trump began his bid for the election. During an interview with CNN, Lopez had a couple of ok things to says about Trump after he tweeted out a photo of him eating a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo.

According to the Daily Caller, Lopez stated:

“People say that Donald Trump is good for comedians,” Lopez said. “You know the one thing that I admire about Donald Trump is he does not apologize. He is politically incorrect.”

“He goes after people,” Lopez continued. “He attacks people. He’s not fodder for comedians — he is a comedian. He makes believe to be his own publicist.”

Sounds admirable..right? But then he started to show his true colors:

“You know, I believe that to make America great you need all people here. I don’t believe that targeting Mexicans as criminals and rapists is the answer. I don’t believe that building a wall is an answer.”

Last year Lopez became one of the first celebrities to threaten to leave the country if Trump won the election. And now, it looks as though the ANGRY latino may be following through on his promises.

TMZ caught up with the comedian on Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport to follow up on comments he made about the President Trump, as well as get his take on what he thinks about celebrities like Oprah and Dave Chappelle saying they will ‘give Trump a chance..’

That seemed to have set him off. He immediately became vulgar:

I’ll give him a chance to suck my ass,” Lopez said. “Listen man, I’m in escrow so don’t worry about my residential status. I’m already in escrow, motherfucker. And I’m not going to tell you where I’m going to go because it will drive up real estate prices ’cause by the end of the year no one’s gonna wanna be here.”

Here it is:

Looks like Lopez will be the first celebrity to ACTUALLY keep his word!

The TV star told TMZ just weeks after Trump announced his presidential bid:

“If he wins, he won’t have to worry about immigration. We’ll all go back.”

I’m becoming more and more hopeful that that is true now the George has booted the nation. Perhaps his fans will follow…

This is really, really good news.


0 thoughts on “George Lopez: “Trump Can Kiss My Ass, I’m Moving And I’m Not Telling You Where I’m Going”

  1. Oh waaaaa. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and we don’t care where you go. Nor will we miss you.

  2. What the F,,k you want bus fair get out and see how long you can live in Mexico you no good wet back

  3. Good riddance and don’t forget to take along your trash as well. And make my day by declaring you’ll never come back to USA.

  4. Hit the road! And when you need another organ transplant get it in the country you moved to!
    I’m waiting to see when you denounce your citizen ship to the USA.
    Good by and good riddance!

  5. He’s probably staying here. Just moving to an undisclosed neighborhood. I bet his new neighbors don’t know what sweet, kind & respectable person is moving in. HA!

  6. Well George Lopez, I don’t know how many REAL fan’s you have anyway, but i’m sure there’s a lot of PEOPLE that wish maybe you would, “Just Go Away~” TaTa Georgi-o~

  7. with being as big of ass that you are you’ll have to MAKE AN “X” a starting point.

  8. He’s not saying where he’s moving to because he most likely isn’t leaving the Greatest country of All The USA. These Ass Holes who think that they know what’s best for the rest of us are more than welcome to find another country that lets them trash the leader of that country. I’m sure that Lopez would be more than welcome in North Korea. He could be Rockwtman’s jester. I would bet he’s not leaving America. Hey Dumb Ass George, Please Please take your stupid friends with you. That way won’t be lonely. I’ll help you pack but PLEASE JUST GO ! !

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