RELIGION OF PEACE: 8 Year-Old Girl Dies During Sex With 40-Year-Old ‘Husband’ On Honeymoon Night

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Islam is a pretty morbid religion. It boggles my mind that libs fight tooth and nail to keep these people on our country, unvetted, and completely free to do whatever the heck they please.

Well here it is. The Religion of Peace savagely strikes again.

As you probably know by numerous cases of child rape from Muslims, Pedophilia is permitted in the Qur’an.

According to sources:

Pedophilia was practiced by Prophet Muhammad and his companions, and some Muslims today continue to commit the crime, following their prophet’s example.

Pretty sick that they’d take advice from a dude with a nine year old wife.

Here is a glorious picture that perfectly depicts the modern day ‘Religion of Peace.’

16-0302 PedophileLG

These are the latest victims of Radical Islam.

Typically, you would think…this doesn’t happen in America! It only happens in places like Syria, or Saudi Arabia.’

Well, thanks to the ridiculously liberal Trump predecessor and his cronies, you’re absolutely WRONG- it happening right here on American soil..and it’s time we do away with it once and for all.

Do we really want people like THIS around our children?

VIA| A 40-year-old Muslim man recently married an innocent 8-year-old girl. Unfortunately, the situation was only made worse later that day as reports have recently come out explaining the vile things the Islamist did to his new bride – and it was a bit more than just consummating on their wedding night.

The incident reportedly occurred in the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, where yet another disgusting Muslim wedding took place. Proving that the religion is still stuck in the 7thcentury, a little girl was forced into a marriage with a man 5 times her age.

According to the recent reports, the little girl died that night on account of suffering internal injuries due to sexual trauma. In essence, this monster raped her to death. As a result, human rights organizations are calling for the arrest of the man, but there is no word that this will ever come to be.

Once again, they have proven they don’t have a place in God’s America!

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  2. F-ing sons-of-whores! Just because they couldn’t get any from their own mothers, they’re allowed to do THIS!? I hope they ALL burn in hell!

  3. This makes me so sick !! Fire all the liberal mayors,senators and representatives NOW !!! This can not exist in the land of our ancestors who built this land !! Islam must be ERADICATED from the face of the earth !!!

  4. Where are all the feminist movements…women celebrating women’s day …is it just for some…for themselves…not world wide? Where are Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama…maybe the New Administration, President Trump and the First Lady will castrate this practice out of the United States of America…one nation under God!!!

  5. Where are all the feminist movements…women celebrating women’s day …is it just for some…for themselves…not world wide? Where are Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama…maybe the New Administration, President Trump and the First Lady will castrate this practice out of the United States of America…one nation under God!!!

  6. they feel that way about Christians, and you can say what you want but all practicing muslims feel this way, even if the deny it, and in the religion they can lie to Christians

  7. That is absolutely disgusting. They do it that way so they don’t get acussed of rape. They figure if they marry the young nieve girls that don’t know any better. Not because they are dumb But because they are just small children and have not been taught anything else except what they see and are told. Please do not let them in get away with it in OUR COUNTRY.

  8. OH MY GOD, CORRECT the record!!!! This INNOCENT little 8 year old CHILD did NOT have sex with a husband, THAT CHILD was RAPED to DEATH, she DID NOT “MARRY” that WRETCHED EVIL BASTARD by consent, this is EXACTLY WHY Islam is NOT compatible in OUR Judeo-Christian society HERE in the US, Islam is NOT compatible with OUR US Constitution, Islam by its definition in CLASSICAL Arabic @ its root means SUBMISSION which = SLAVERY, Islam is of the DEVIL Satan, WAKE UP for God’s sake & as far as this “40 year old” RAPIST is concerned, HELL is WAITING for YOU

  9. Yes,but we serve a righteous God who is the god of second chances,the god of FORGIVENESS and the God of love and of peace. The Muslims god is the same and he wants ALL people to come to him,but they do not know him. His name is JESUS CHRIST,the only way to God and heaven. God will judge those who do not know him at the end.

  10. This is so sickening!!! but Liberals will claim it’s a lie and it will continue until they do this in our USA!
    But some day some one will not allow it! Like the US Army Soldiers who beat the shit out of a Muslim sick O. The Army soldier was arrested and kicked out of the Army ! I hope President Trump is listening to the American people.

  11. That’s not right at all this is really sick if this was my daughter getting married to an older man at the age of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 I would chopped there penises off cause the officers don’t even do there job so us parents take the law into our own hands cuz he’s officers probably don’t even have kids and some of them do and they understand where we are coming from and maybe you could get away with it different countries different laws for this kind of stuff that’s going on these children are not even done school and can’t believe they’re getting married at this kind of age this is really sick and somebody needs to stop them from doing this to other people’s children

  12. Majority of them are ok with aborting a baby up to birth, so why would they get upset over this? After the baby is so big they reach in and pull the legs and arms off then crush the skull…and ppl think this is ok???

  13. Although I agree with the overall sentiment that we do not need a mass of refugees that hate us coming into the country, the picture was from a mass wedding where the girls pictured are not the brides. I’ve seen the picture published over the years and seen it refuted. Shrug.

  14. said someone who eat pork.
    They are not muslims based on what kind of wedding dress they are wearing.
    They use religion like muslim to get out of problem they created just because some idiot name bin laden does something like 9/11.
    I have seen a lot of video on youtube and facebook about millennials bedroom around the world and american keeps weapon in their house as a reason to keep their house safe.
    If you really believe in jesus christ,why keep weapon when you can pray to your lord jesus.
    Pedophilia is not permitted in Al-Quran.
    The admin just said that to draw your attention.

  15. This is disgusting, without doubt. I am going to look into it and see if it is true,can’t believe everything you read on Facebook. However, these atrocities do happen and it is sickening. Some things innocent children suffer through is just disgusting, wouldn’t it be great to see the perpetrators punished for their crimes. That being said. I saw this Same picture years ago attached to an article about a father and daughter celebration ball.

  16. Everyone thinks this was trumps doing. no this was done when we had a Muslim as our president people need to get the facts before commenting on something that someone changed and put up on Facebook to down our new president. Trump is trying to fix all the fucked up shit that Obama done to our country

  17. I’m an American and I’m Christian,This is not part of the Amercan way of life, If I ever catch one of you or see you harming a child because I have an 8year old daughter I will dispose of your nut sack and shove it down your tbroat, God will deal with you accordingly, God is Love Mohammed is the devil and the qoran is not love it’s sickening and you all should be ashamed and alert

  18. No! The Constitution does NOT permit it. Democrats and other mentally challenged groups have used the old brainwashed mental deficients have been steering the people in the wrong direction.

  19. Well, it’s because most of these Arabs have small penises, and they can only get satisfaction by having sex with prepubescent children. It’s a sad state of affairs. . .

  20. I will kill muslims if they dare tread on me and my family let God sort them out they are the most evil plague to the whole world the spirit of death follows them thier God is allegiance to the devil.

  21. Check your sources. I found at least two contradictory articles that provide a plausible explanation.

    But given all that, I still support the absolute scrutiny of Islam and those who hold to this twisted ideology.

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