Good Samaritan KILLED While Trying To Rescue SUSPECT’S Girlfriend After Being Shot


A man trying to make an citizen’s arrest was shot dead by a thug after attempting to rescue a woman that was shot by the idiot. He was brutally gunned down in front of his beautiful wife. Please pray for her and the rest of his family. This is devastating.


A good Samaritan armed with a gun was shot dead in front of his wife as he tried to make a citizen’s arrest of a man who had just shot his girlfriend in the parking lot of a Texas pharmacy, police said.

The shooter, identified as 22-year-old Ricci Bradden, was able to flee the scene Monday of the Arlington Walgreen’s but later turned himself in to police, the department said in a statement.

Police said Bradden on Monday morning went to the Walgreen’s, where his wife or girlfriend was an employee, and then shot her in the leg during an argument in the parking lot.


Anthony (T.J.) Antell Jr., 35, was shot dead trying to make a citizen’s arrest after witnessing a shooting in Arlington, Texas. Wife Crystal, shown, was at the scene when the gunfire broke out, authorities said.

Anthony Antell Jr., 35, witnessed the attack and went to his car to get his own gun, then approached Bradden, who had gotten into a vehicle in an attempt to flee the scene, Arlington police Lt. Chris Cook told reporters.


Ricci Bradden, 22, is suspected in the killing of a good Samaritan.


Anthony Antell Jr. is seen with his wife Crystal.FACEBOOK

Anthony Antell Jr. is seen with his wife Crystal.


“The good Samaritan tried to stop him, pointed his firearm at the suspect, told him to stop,” Cook said. “Suspect exited his vehicle and exchanged gunfire with the good Samaritan, killing unfortunately the good Samaritan.”

The wounded woman is expected to survive, Cook said.

The wounded woman is expected to survive but the good Samaritan was killed in front of his wife.STAR TELEGRAM

The wounded woman is expected to survive but the good Samaritan was killed in front of his wife.

Bradden was turned in by a family member who took him to a Texas Department of Public Safety office in Hill County. The suspected shooter posted photographs on himself on Facebook wearing camouflage, though it’s unclear if he is a military member.

Authorities say it’s unclear if the good Samaritan, identified by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner as Antell, was able to fire his own gun. His wife was at the scene and witnessed the killing, Cook told KTVT.

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