Hidden In GOP’s Tax Bill Is Gift For Christians Trump Promised That Has Liberals Howling With Rage

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The new House Republican tax cut bill is secretly a blessing in disguise for churches in America.

For the churches that have always wanted a voice in the political realm, the new bill released on Thursday will certainly give them that power as it diminishes the so called Johnson Amendment.

The Johnson Amendment is a 1950s-era law that cuts nonprofits, charitable organizations and places of worship from campaigning on behalf of, or in opposition to, a  political candidate.

Ending this amendment has been one of Trump’s huge promises he has been pushing to answer, and has finally made good on his pledge that he made during a National Prayer Breakfast just after inauguration day.

Reported by libertywriters:

The left is not going to like this one bit. And because they are out of power – a total wipeout across state and Federal governments – they have no say.

Zip. Zilch. Nada. That is unless the GOP goes coward again and splits between their factions and Pelosi can swoop in with enough votes to steal the deal.

If that happens the GOP will get slaughtered in the 2018 midterms.

But for now it looks like the GOP is on the same page on taxes and is relegating Pelosi to the dustbin of history.

Where she belongs.

Sadly, we will still be able to hear her whine wherever she is and you know she is screaming after she saw what the GOP put in their new tax bill.

Trump promised he would do this and, unlike every other politician on the planet, he is actually doing what he said.

Isn’t it great?

According to The Hill, the tax bill will officially end the Johnson Amendment so churches can endorse political candidates.

The Johnson Amendment is a law from the 50’s and it prohibits 501(c)(3) nonprofits from certain political activities.

President Trump said he would get rid of it to “give our churches their voice back.”

And it looks like this is another promise Trump will keep. Share if you are proud of President Trump.


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