The Government WILL PAY For You To Live In This Town FOR FREE….Only If You Can Stand The Catch.


Summer is right around the corner. Families are beginning to plan vacations and visit destinations that will provide a lifetime of memories for them and their children. Most families will do the usual places, Disney Land, Disney World, Six Flags and some national parks. If you are looking for a truly unique vacation experience however, you may want to direct your attention to the ghost town of Garnet, Montana. It is truly a unique vacation destination, and you might even meet some other worldly guests during your stay!


This is Garnet, Montana. It is considered to be the most intact ghost town in America.

Every summer, the U.S. Governments accepts volunteers to live in the ghost town free of charge!

There is a catch however. The town is one of the most haunted places in America!

Unfortunately you aren’t paid for actually working there, but your room and board and all your meals are taken care of.


The local historians say that during the day, this place is your everyday average ghost town. Fun to walk through, but nothing that really sets it apart.


Once the sun goes down though, the spirits awaken and come out in full force!


Unfortunately you have to be ok dealing with no electricity, internet or running water. To me that is what vacation is all about though!


Unfortunately this summer’s slots are almost full, but you can be ahead of the game for next year by visiting the volunteer page here.

This sounds like an awesome way to spend the summer? Most kids today wouldn’t be able to handle a whole summer without electricity, running water or god forbid the internet. If you have the type of kids that would enjoy something like this however, I would highly suggest looking into it. It may even teach your kids a little about how to live without the luxuries we take for granted today.

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  1. Would like information on next year’s Summer Work Schedule, and criteria.

  2. This looks very I teresting. Is there a certain amount of time that you need to stay, or can it be a night or two??

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