Governor Cuomo Caught Trying To Tell Private Businesses What They Can Do!


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently asked the private businesses in his state to switch to a “vaccine-only admission” policy after he announced the new vaccine mandate for the transit workers as cases were surging across his state.

“Private businesses, I am asking them and suggesting to them: Go to vaccine-only admission,” Cuomo said at a news conference. The governor said he thinks that it is in the “best business interests” of restaurants, bars, music venues, sports stadiums, and other areas to bar unvaccinated people from admission, with the reasoning that vaccinated customers would be more willing to have a night on the town if they believe everyone else has take the vaccine too.

“If you say to people, ‘Well, if you don’t have a vaccine, you can’t get into these establishments,’ then you’ll see a real incentive to get vaccinated,” Cuomo said.

Earlier in this news conference, Governor Cuomo made the announcement that all MTA and Port Authority workers in the Empire State would need to get vaccinated by Labor Day or submit to weekly COVID-19 tests to keep their jobs. This mandate follows an order that Cuomo had issued last week that required health care workers to also be vaccinated or to be subject to weekly testing.

“I don’t believe a mask policy is going to be enough,” Cuomo said to reporters. “I think that we are going to need to have a vaccination policy in place.”

These vaccine mandates are coming on the heels after New York saw an 81% increase in the seven-day average for the case count regarding COVID. The average increased to as much as 2,418 new cases reported last week.

“You should be vaccinated, or don’t work in a frontline position,” Cuomo said.

There are plenty of large corporations that have begun to implement their own vaccine mandates. The Walt Disney Company, Uber, Google, Facebook, Walmart, and many others are requiring their employees to be vaccinated in order to continue working for them.

Walmart said that the vaccines are mandatory for employees in their headquarters and for many of their managers that require travel to perform their employment. However, their blue-collar employees in distribution and fulfillment centers, stores, and clubs are not yet required to have the vaccine.

A recent poll conducted by the COVID States Project found that at least two-thirds of Americans are currently in support of everyone getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, the poll found that 64% of 20,000 adults located across the United States said that they would support the government making the vaccine a requirement.