Trey Gowdy Announces Plans To Put Hillary Away For Good


And Hillary will not like them. After destroying her during the contentious Benghazi hearings, where Trey basically ruined Clinton’s chances to be President… THANK YOU TREY… he has no plans to let her off the hook when Obama leaves office.

Gowdy said about  Obama’s idiotic report which attempts to distract attention away from what actually happened in Benghazi, “It is also riddled with factual inaccuracies, which not only does a disservice to the public but also does a disservice to the women and men who work for the Department of Defense.”

Gowdy, putting Obama about Hillary on notice,

“That is your prerogative. It will not prevent this Committee from interviewing all witnesses who can help us write the final, definitive accounting of what happened before, during and after the attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi and injured others. It will just prolong the investigation.”

What do you think of Justice seeking Trey Gowdy’s plans to continue the investigation into Hillary’s and Obama’s many crimes?

I, for one, am 100% behind the heroic Congressman.

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  1. I am totally behind Congress Man Trey Gowdy for his fight for justice to charge Hillary and Obama to the maximum and make them both pay for the death’s of our services man and all the other despicable things they have done for the last 8 years in the White House , also the others that lied under oath for them both should be charged with serious charges …The best of luck bringing them all to justice ! Thank you

  2. Our New President Donald Trump deffinetly does not need Obama guidence for anything , he did a great job tearing down our great nation and morallty of our people trying to makie our country into a Muslim nation and that is BS , I believe with all my heart that our new President Trump will make our country Strong and Great Again with the help of all the other people he choose that are Proud Americans and will do what it take to bring our Beautiful Country back to its Glory 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸Obama need to pack it up and stay far away from the White House ” My prayers were answer when Donald Trump won far and square …even with all the dirty under handed crap Obama and Hillary pulled on him !!!

  3. absolutely 100% !! Anyone else would have already been locked up. She is not above the law, but because she and her clan are so slimey, she has been able to slither through some of these thngs she has done, but she will not escape justice.

  4. When the Lord God of Righteousness and Justice dispenses justice, He does it without partiality. Blessed is the man who applies justice equally for all like his Creator. And for Representative Trey Gowdy to do so is commendable.

  5. Justice must be the goal for this country to continue its existence! The laws must be followed by all. If not, this country is doomed! We have had a preview of what can happen when the citizens are allowed to pick and choose which laws they will follow. Position, status, socio- economic level, and ethnic background should never play a part in upholding the constitution and laws of this nation.


  7. You GO Trey! As for the punishment for Hitlery’s crimes – would hanging be too much to hope for?

  8. The Clintons appear to have taken corruption to a whole new level that western society has no answer for as it is breathtaking in it’s scope and audacity. and the protection goes all the way to the top …. well only for another 18 days. Go Trey

  9. She needs to be prosecuted, just like anyone else would be. She deserves no special treatment!

  10. Trey only showed the truth of Hillary’s criminal activities. She is the one that is responsible for losing the election, nobody else. She dug her own hole. If she was honest things may have turned out different. Your mother never taught you that honesty is the best policy and cheaters never win

  11. I think that Trey Gowdy should do what he needs to do to bring the Benghazi matter to a fill and complete conclusion!!! Obama and Clinton should be held responsible for their inadequatete non response and coverup of the Benghazi Massare that resulted in the death of four of our people.

  12. This is gone on too long and must be bought to justice and all the crimes that her and Obama comitted be answered for THE Law is the law and must be enforced no matter who it is that broke it !

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