Grand Dragon of KKK Endorses Hillary Proclaiming Klan a Democrat Organization: $20,000 Donated (Youtube)


The battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as anticipated, is growing increasingly nasty by the day, as the two candidates have begun sparring, in the media, on who’s actually the more bigoted racist.

So, which candidate is it?

While the Hillary-backing mainstream media insists that the culprit must be Donald Trump, at least rhetorically, because Trump is a white Republican and he’s neither  a female nor a Democrat, the professional racists seem to have a wholly  different if not unexpected answer.

KKK Grand Dragon Will Quigg, in numerous interviews, has repeatedly announced that the Klu Klux Klan’s official endorsement for president goes to Hillary Clinton, because, Quigg states, after all, the Klan has always been a Democrat organization, not Republican.

Which, in fact, is true, in that the Republican Party under Lincoln was, the political faction that insisted on freeing the slaves, back during the 1860’s, while the Democrat party fought tooth and nail, to continue slavery. Indeed it was the Conservative faction within the Republican party that steered the eventual freeing of all slaves.

Quigg goes on to assert that the Klan has already given $ 20,000 dollars, anonymously, to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

But, is Quigg and the Klan secretly backing Trump rather than Hillary, with their public position for Clinton, knowing how unpopular the Klan is, in order to ultimately hurt Hillary Clinton?

To this, Quigg, obviously a very proud Klansman, asserts “I could care less about Donald Trump, he’s a millionaire, he’s a businessman, not a politician.” “He couldn’t run this country any more than he can run a county,” Quigg stated of Trump.

For the KKK, “Clinton is our choice,” concluded Quigg.

But, maybe the final word should more appropriately come from that other opposing racist group,”Black Lives Matter,” a militant faction of blacks funded by none other than George Soros and endorsed by Hillary Clinton.

BLM, in a public statement, indicated that it cannot support Hillary Clinton, not because of the KKK’s endorsement for her as President, but rather, because BLM states that Hillary cannot be trusted.

One of their chief arguments? The fact that private prisons are raising cash for her –and then their’s the question of her Wall Street donors, among many others.

So, all in all, it seems well beyond fitting and natural that while the Klu Klux Klan, which Hillary publically denounces, has endorsed her, the group that Hillary publically endorses, Black Lives Matter,  has denounced her.

Par for the course, wouldn’t you say?

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