‘This Is Great’! – Email Shows Hillary Staff Cheering Death of Black Teen… But It Gets EVEN WORSE

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The WikiLeaks storm of Clinton-related emails just keeps getting stronger. More damage is done to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with each passing day. In fact, if the WikiLeaks storm was a hurricane, it would be a Category 4 intensifying into a rare Category 5.

The latest release from WikiLeaks, who are still giving the American people their information despite the best efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry, exposes that the Clinton campaign is happy to politicize tragedies to win the election. This new email reveals that Clinton staffers debated how they can best exploit the death of a black man to further their agenda. At one point in the exchange a staffer is even jubilant about it all, as per BizPac Review.


This dehumanized approach to politics is more than cold-hearted. It demonstrates that the suffering of an entire community is fodder for campaign propaganda where the Clinton team is concerned.

The email began as a request for Hillary Clinton to pen an op-ed article by Marie Claire. Claire was, at the time, partnering with Harvard University as part of  an activist study on the subject of women and guns.

But this simple request for an opinion piece from the candidate quickly turned into brainstorming session on how to push the campaign’s “social justice,” anti-gun, and “the Right is racist” narratives.

These narratives centered on the mother of Jordan Davis, a black teenager murdered by a white man for loudly playing music. Davis’ mother called the murder a “legal lynching.” It was obvious to all involved that Davis’ mother was incorrect in her use of the phrase because the murderer, Michael David Dunn, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Clearly, his horrendous actions were illegal. No one could blame a grieving mother for this misunderstanding, but the Clinton campaign has no such excuse. To them, the plum of a phrase “legal lynching” was just too good to pass up.

“You know where I stand on this. It can be racially motivated and gun violence should still very much be part of the discussion,” Clinton policy adviser Corey Ciorciari wrote in the January 2016 email. “Even more so here given that Jordan’s mom is one of the leading gun violence prevention proponents in the country.”

De’Ara Balenger, the director of engagement for “Hillary for America,” literally took glee in the story and the mother’s grief. “This is great,” she wrote. “The only flag here is that Jordan Davis was killed by a white man, so arguably – this crime was racially motivated, which takes this outside the discussion of gun violence. Was there another mother in the Chicago meeting where the shooting was NOT racially motivated? If yes, we should use that story instead of Jordan Davis.”

Another incredible facet of this email is that Balenger automatically assumed racism was a factor in this murder. The Clinton campaign, evidently, sees nothing wrong with injecting racism into this crime, even when no overt evidence of racism as a cause exists.

It is always a tragedy when a young person dies. It also a tragedy when someone dies at the hands of a murderer. But it is also a tragedy when demonic politicians and their staffs exploit the pain and suffering of a grieving family to score political points with contorted truths.

This is what the Clinton campaign did with the Jordan David murder. If anyone in this election is “deplorable,” it is those involved with this matter.


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