GROSS: Tanning Salon Owner Left DISGUSTED After What A Customer Was Caught Doing In A Tanning Bed….


Tanning salons are a favorite spot for folks to chill out and get a nice tan. But, new studies say tanning can be risky, like upping the odds of getting serious skin cancer. Even so, many tanning salons offer a cozy and private vibe for their clients.

A tanning salon in the UK, The Tanning Room in Lees, Oldham, had to shut down a tanning bed ’cause of a nasty incident. A customer peed all over the bed during a six-minute session, making the salon clean it like crazy.

Odelle Burney, the salon owner, was super grossed out. She said it wasn’t the first time a tanning bed got peed on. In the ten years she’s been running the biz, they’ve had to close beds five times ’cause of this.

“Just to let you know, we know who you are, the person who has just weed on bed three!!! We have checked the CCTV, and you are truly disgusted! Anyone else found doing this in any of our sunbeds will be instantly banned from the shop. Thank you.”

Burney said peeing on tanning beds is a common issue, and it takes extra effort to make the bed safe for the next person. She went on Facebook to vent and warn the person they’d be banned if they did it again.

The salon staff found the pee-soaked bed when cleaning for the next client, but the guilty party had already left. Burney can’t believe anyone would think it’s cool to pee on a sunbed with electricity and high voltage. She’s worried about her customers’ safety.

While tanning salons are a private place for people to unwind and tan, we gotta remember the risks, like skin cancer. Plus, let’s treat the equipment and staff with respect, so everyone can have a good time.

Source: AWM