GROSS!: Walmart Employee Gets Caught Doing Something DISGUSTING, Customers Aren’t Happy About It!

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A teen working at Walmart admits he stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of merchandise from the megamart. He got caught on camera twice using deodorant off the shelves, then putting it back.

Somewhere in South Carolina, Walmart customers may be applying used deodorant to their armpits every day. It’s 18-year-old Chandler Robert’s deodorant of choice. Walmart cameras caught the teen swiping deodorant sticks off the shelves, applying the deodorant, then putting the sticks back on the shelves for sale.

Walmart security began observing Robert when they caught him going into the break room with milk and Oreos he had not paid for. They quickly discovered that the young man was in the habit of taking what he wanted.

Roberts confessed to stealing a number of items. He couldn’t remember a lot of smaller things he used or how much they were worth, but he did offer to return some still in his possession. When he did, Walmart calculated that he’d taken and returned $1,823.25 worth of merchandise. There’s no way to know how much he actually took and never returned.

Cops could not confirm whether the deodorants Robert used were bought by other customers, but they are continuing to investigate. If I were using an Old Spice stick from a Walmart in South Carolina, I’d probably be looking for a receipt to return it right about now.

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