HA! Someone Just Blew A Big Hole In Buttigieg’s Electric Car Plan…


Even before Putin launched a war against Ukraine, the gas prices have been steadily rising since Biden took office.

The Biden regime seems to do nothing with this ongoing price hike, instead, they suggest something very stupid which they call it “solution” telling Americans to buy $60K electric cars where most of us can’t even take the increase.

Ever since Biden took office, gas prices have been steadily rising, but now amid the Ukraine/Russia conflict, rates are jumping at an extremely fast rate.

Currently, the average gas price climbs to around 5 bucks a gallon.

During a press event, the Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg suggested that Americans just need to get a $60,000 electric car so they can stop worrying about gas prices. But one Twitter user by the name of Jordan Rachel just blew a huge hole in Pete’s electric car scheme.

One perfect question was asked by Rachel, and I bet Pete wouldn’t have a good answer for it. Here’s what she’s wondering:

How are Americans going to afford a $60k car when they’re struggling to pay $5 a gallon for gas?

I mean Rachel was absulotely right, how exactly American people afford a $60K electric if they can’t even sustain the gas price hike.

These politicians thought all Americans live a lavish life like them, Biden and his regime are totally out of touch.

They totally have zero clue how the rest of us live our lives. Not only are they clueless, but they also don’t care.

Wayne Dupree further commented about the average income of the majority of Americans compared to the suggested electric car costs of the elites. 

Especially when you consider that for most Americans the median yearly income is $56,000, as Illinois congresswoman Mary Miller points out.

How are they supposed to afford a 50-60K car? The elites don’t care.

We still have one hope, Biden can easily bring back the Keystone Pipeline if he really wants, but it’s doubtful that would ever happen.

In fact, it was one of the first things Biden destroyed his first day in office. The last thing Joe seems concerned about is middle-America’s wellbeing. He is all about pushing the Climate Change Cult.

Source: WayneDupree