HAHA! WTF?! WATCH – CNN Liberal has TOTAL MELTDOWN After Trump Exposes Democrat Voter Fraud

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The mainstream media went into full meltdown mode over the comments made by Donald Trump about accepting the validity of the November elections. Once again, they are assuming they know what he meant and projecting what they want to believe he means onto his statements.

As the topic played out, pundits, talking heads and the chattering class couldn’t help themselves from injecting their opinions onto Trump’s statements as fact. And one of CNN’s blathering class, Van Jones – a hyper-Progressive Leftist better described as a Marxist, laughingly called into question Trump’s patriotism, even as he tried to inject Russia’s Vladimir Putin into the mix. “This man has demonstrated an appalling lack of patriotism,” the one-time special adviser to Pres. Obama said.

But that didn’t stop the mainstream media from deciding that he had said he wasn’t going to accept the results of the November 8th ballots. In fact, they all assumed that he wouldn’t almost before he was finished talking about the subject and the opinions started flying.

“The appalling lack of patriotism from this man, to stand there and say that…to praise Putin and Assad more than he has praised any American president…he doesn’t talk about George Washington, he doesn’t talk about Ronald Reagan the way he talks about Putin and Assad,” Jones thundered almost hysterically. “This man has demonstrated an appalling lack of patriotism and you should be ashamed yourself for defending it.”

Van Jones is the former Green Jobs Czar for President Obama. His history includes Black militancy and an association with the Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, which eventually cost him his position in the Obama Administration.

He is most noted for his radical Progressive strategy of “Top-down, bottom-up, inside-out,” which outlines how to flip a country from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist Democracy. He is a “social justice warrior,” a Progressive badge of honor that, when translated into language everyone else can understand, means he is an opportunistic, politically correct community agitator.

And while people like Jones are trying to disingenuously spin Donald Trump’s words to say something he didn’t, the truth of the matter is that there is a method behind Donald Trump’s “madness.” There are good reasons for his provocative non-answer on accepting the results of the election.

First, it motivates his supporters to adequately police the polling places around the country as registered, trained and legitimate poll watchers and polling place judges. These are the ground-zero positions that guard against voter fraud. By motivating his supporters to guard the election in official positions he is guaranteeing a fair and honest ballot box.

Second, it reserves for Trump the right to claim voter fraud and/or voting “irregularities” just as Al Gore did in the 2000 General Election in Florida that had him withholding his acceptance of the results for 39 days.

Jones is just another example of a deceptive Progressive political operative who will say and do anything to achieve his goal, thus the injection of Vladimir Putin and now Bashar al Assad into the subject of accepting the results of an American election. His comments are ridiculous and that he has an outlet on CNN for his intellectual drivel is a testimony to their lack of standards.

Regardless, in a nation where there are at least 4 million dead people on the voting rolls, affecting a large number of people to guard the sanctity of the vote is a wide thing to do, especially when the Federal Government is uninterested in keeping dead people from voting.


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